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Bagshot, Surrey, UK


Maggie Goleniak is a Polish-born artist who currently lives and creates art in the UK. After graduating from the Fine Art Program at the University of Silesia, Poland, she decided to pursue her career as an artist abroad. For over 14 years now, she has created and fulfilled her life purpose as a professional artist.

Maggie is an artist with a creative, surrealistic vision. She is inspired by the beauty of nature, metaphysical places, love, life and compassion. She works in a diverse way that combines her obsession with contemporary art, painting, drawing and photography to create unique masterpieces. Designing pieces that touch people, Maggie makes art that becomes part of people’s everyday lives, while still bringing the same feelings of wonder when seen the first time.

Her mission is to serve people with unique art that will change everyone’s life forever.


I’m Maggie, a professional artist who graduated in Fine Arts in 2006 in Poland. Since then, my work has evolved into intuitive and spiritual art.

My art is fully painted from the heart space. Intuitively, I choose the colours, and then I go into a deep state of meditation with the brushes, opening my heart space and creating from within. It is a process of letting go, and each piece is unique, coming out from the depths of my soul. My art is created to carry a specific message, so if a piece resonates with someone, it means it was designed for this person.

The colours, shapes, and titles come from my heart space, but the story it tells is yours. If you open your heart and listen to each painting, each one will tell you something.

Spiritual intuitive art opened many paths in my private life. Days aren't the same anymore. My art practice changed when I decided to focus solely on art, and serve others by quitting my day job after long 13 years in business. This was a difficult and risky decision, but so worth it. I have discovered new me, my desires, my passion to create more and serve this world and people with beauty.
This decision had a massive impact on my family too. As a mum of a big furry baby, I finally had an opportunity to spend more time with my dear friend and be closer to nature.

If anyone asked me a long time ago if I would have the courage to be a full-time artist, I would probably say NO. But so much has changed, especially in our global life, that I believe many had the courage to step up and follow their dreams as I did.

In addition to regular art media like oils or acrylics, I fell in love with natural pigments. They are my second passion now. We don't realise how much nature and this beautiful mother Earth can bring us. There are so many elements in nature you can use as a pigment, from ashes from your Sunday bbq to flowers or leaves in your garden. I started to combine these natural wonders with acrylics and created many wonderful earthy pieces.

The challenges are always present, especially when your only income is selling or teaching art, but I am a big believer in the Law Of Attraction. This helped me all the way in my art career and never failed. I am still quite new to it and my live's programming of not feeling worthy is still present but when I go deep in, meditate and the let go - magic can happen.

I would say, always believe in yourself and trust no one except your own guts. This motto helps me all the time now, even if sometimes the logic says otherwise.

IG: @maggie_goleniak_artist

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