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Grycksbo, Sweden


Marieta Toneva (born 1968) has been working as a professional artist for the past 30 years. She graduated with an MFA in Textile Art from the Fine Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1992. Her main genres are large scale sculptural textiles, enamels and screen printing on various surfaces. Some of her textile works have been published in Mary Schoeser’s: ”Textiles: the Art of Mankind” (2012), one of the most influential books in the textile field. Marieta has exhibited in Sweden, the United States, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and Austria. Her work can be found in both public and private art collections. During the last few years, she has developed a new method for the pigmentation of enamel glazes, a process she documents in her book ”Färgsystem för emaljering” (2021).


My textiles are often inspired by the eternal struggle and the constant magnetism between the good and evil, between light and darkness. The charecter of the specific material is also very important to me. It speaks its own language even though it is a part of a work of art that expresses a specific idea. The fibers I work with become the medium through which I express emotions, memories and connections. In each piece, I invite viewers to engage with the woven narratives, finding inspiration in the expression of the fibers.
IG: @marietatoneva_art

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