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South Florida | United States


Marissa Huber is an artist, surface pattern designer, connector, and writer who started taking her art more seriously after her son was born in 2013. Frustrated with being told she's never have time for herself after children, surprisingly she found herself more confident and focused in her art. This fueled a passion to connect with and help others prioritize their own creative pursuits.

By day, she uses her interior design background as an Occupancy Planner, where she plays Tetris with space and is a friendly hostage negotiator for offices.

In 2015, she set off to interview women who were making it work, and unintentionally created a community of artists called "Carved Out Time for Art" with Heather Kirtland. In April 2020, they published "The Motherhood of Art" featuring interviews with 30+ creative women who make time for art and family in their own unique ways.

Marissa's art has been exhibited at John Waldron Art Center, Brooklyn Art Library, The Sketchbook Project Summer Tour 2018, and Bakehouse Complex. Her work has been featured in HGTV Magazine, Minted, Create! Magazine, Makers Movement, Voyage MIA, and Motherly. She paints primarily with gouache, acrylics, and watercolor, creates digital patterns to license to companies, messes around with textiles and linocut.

Marissa makes time for her own art in the free time between her career in interior design, sitting in traffic during her commute, and spending quality time with her two children, husband, and mom in South Florida. She believes in taking her dreams quite seriously, but tries not to take herself too seriously. She loves when women support one another and it is her favorite thing about being a part of the online creative community.

Photo credit: Madison Short

About Carve Out Time for Art

"Our mission is to empower people to stop dreaming and start doing, especially when it comes to carving out time for art.

We are passionate about building community, encouraging others (especially women), and connecting people.

We want to cultivate a positive and nurturing community for creatives who want to find time to satisfy this part of their identity. We do this by fostering conversations, connecting creatives with resources, and showing people that they are not alone."

- Marissa Huber & Heather Kirtland

IG: @marissahuber

Carve Out Time for Art
IG: @carveouttimeforart

Photo credit Madison Short

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