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Santa Cruz County, CA, USA


Born on 7/7/77, Meghan Oona Clifford enjoyed a sense of magic early on. Following dreams of enchanted forests to the West Coast, she graduated from The Evergreen State College with her BA in Interdisciplinary Art. Clifford worked in various underground art spaces in the Pacific Northwest and Southern California, curating events and connecting artists. After several years as a designer in the eco-fashion industry, she earned her MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Clifford exhibits work nationally and throughout California, including at the Museum of Northern California Art (MONCA), San Francisco Art Institute's Swell Gallery, Fort Mason's Herbst Pavilion, 1AM Gallery, Club 6, Tribe 13, and 111 Minna. Her work has been featured by MTV, The Art People, The Utne Reader, iCanvas, Bored Panda, Content Magazine, Meditation Talks, Visionary Art Collective, Women United ART MAGAZINE, and Artist, Mother, Proud & Serious. She has participated in several residencies, such as the Thrive Together Artist Network and Artist/Mother residencies. California's Center for Cultural Innovation has awarded three grants in support of Clifford's work.

Her art is enjoyed by private collectors around the world. She lives and works on six acres in Santa Cruz County, CA, with her husband and two miracle babies. Every day, they wake up and say, "Good morning, we are blessed."


I am an interdisciplinary artist experienced in video, sound, animation, installation, eco interventions, textiles, and computer art. Painting is my true love and the foundation of my practice.

My work explores energy, transformation, and consciousness. I'm inspired by phenomena like neural pathways, the mother body, and improvisational music. With personal and ancestral history steeped in textile work, I like to think I'm painting the fabric of the universe.

I weave colors and forms together with a biomorphic, freestyle painting technique. I work with acrylic on canvas and paper, and I make animations to infuse the 2D work with hypnotic, mesmerizing energy.

I'm interested in illuminating and activating those little moments of enlightenment we all have - a sudden feeling of wholeness, a glimpse of awareness, a memory of our interconnection, or a release of emotional pain.

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