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Helsinki, Finland


Mikaela Wikström is a self-taught abstract painter and mother, who draws inspiration from the beautiful Finnish nature and small magical moments and encounters in everyday life.

Mikaela´s dreamy and intuitive paintings are created by multiple delicate layers of oil paint and gold leaf. In her paintings, light and paint often unite in surprising ways creating quiet and gentle yet powerful spaces. Some paintings being born traditionally on an easel, but most getting their shape on the floor or out in nature.

”Do you know those small little things that can change the direction of a whole day? Even your life? Small little glimpses of joy and magic that make your heart beat a bit faster? Those fractions of magic are why I paint.”

Mikaela lives with her little family – her husband, three-year-old daughter and furry assistant Bella the rabbit –in Helsinki, Finland.

After facing severe breast cancer at only 29, it was quite a miracle when her little strawberry blond daughter was born a few years later.

Mikaela needed a change of scenery, after going through the heavy treatments, and left to study some 400 kilometres away. She majored in General Pedagogy, but through some pretty amazing coincidences and encounters, she found herself also attending art classes at the same Uni. From there on there was no return – Mikaela started experimenting and learning more on her own, creating her signature dreamy style of painting.

After her daughter was born, Mikaela decided to leave her day job and become a full-time artist and mom with her painting getting a new, more grounding and harmonious rhythm.

IG: @mikaelawikstrom

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