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Granollers, Spain


Montserrat is a painter living and working in Granollers (Spain). She is a mother of 3 little ones who push her forward to new horizons as an artist and mother. A life with children is filled with chaotic, unexpected, and beautiful challenges, so it satisfies her inspiration.

In her words: "I paint to translate the beauty of ephemerality and chaos of my daily life with three kids into mixed media abstract images. I want to bring chaotic surroundings to a balanced perspective, from fears and doubts into overwhelming love".

Nowadays, she sets her framework around warmful abstraction, translating inner words into images. Her creative approach is intriguing because of the connection between human development and art. A highlight in her style is her art therapist background which influences creation-creator communication, giving much more attention to the process. Connecting every brushstroke to happiness, silence and fertile chaos that she loves, sharing her life with young children. Her creative language comes from collage fibre works, where she explored human fragility and natural poetry of life itself.

She creates large abstract works and collages on canvas, with her touch of using natural colours and organic-shaped compositions that relate to so many different textures. She adds pencil details that might go unnoticed without careful attention. She uses various homemade inks and paper that she creates with her children.

Montserrat aims to help people reconnect with authentic feelings of comfort through art. She believes that although we often may experience sensations of denial or fear in life, there is always a familiar place where to keep ourselves safe and sheltered.


I come from a family full of love for nature and beauty. Art has been a part of me since childhood, even though at that time, I was more into writing than painting. Nowadays, I still work through daily writings as a way to start my paintings. I studied arts and art therapy, but it was not until my second pregnancy that the creative call was too deep not to follow.

I was working in my kitchen corner for two years, beside Playmobil and dolls, without taking myself seriously at all. But then one day, my kids were explaining to a friend that their mama was a painter and that resounding answer touched me very deeply. I decided that if they could see me as a painter, I should trust their wisdom. So I committed to myself and rented a studio where I started working every day since. So, I'm very grateful to motherhood because this experience has led me to my authentic self as a painter.

IG: @paintingandmothering

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