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Santa Monica, CA, USA


Natalie Reyne, born in 1989 in Krupki, Belarus, is an acclaimed Los Angeles-based artist renowned for her narrative-driven artworks. Originally educated in economics, Natalie's early career centered around web and mobile application design. Despite her success in the tech field, she harbored a deep-seated yearning for artistic expression. This drive, coupled with her belief that the essence of art lies in its message rather than academic rigor, propelled her toward a career in the arts.

Her artistic journey was significantly influenced by her exposure to contemporary art across global galleries and museums, leading her to prioritize the expression of personal experiences and emotions through her work. Natalie's life took a dramatic turn in 2020 when her involvement in protests resulted in a 12-day imprisonment and subsequent exile from Belarus amid fears of further criminal charges.

Relocating to the United States in 2021 marked a pivotal phase in her career. Since her move, Natalie has been an active participant in the Californian art scene, contributing to various charity exhibitions and engaging in notable events like LA Fashion Week. Her work has been featured in group shows in California, Missouri, and Miami, as well as at multiple art fairs. The highlight of her recent achievements was a solo exhibition in Santa Clarita, California, in 2023, symbolizing her resilience and ongoing commitment to her art.

Throughout her career, Natalie has focused on themes of mental health, depression, and emotional depth, exploring self-acceptance and the search for solutions to personal challenges. Her artistic expressions not only depict personal tales but also resonate with broader societal issues, making her works profoundly impactful.


In my art, I find a unique voice—a means to convey my emotions and thoughts where words fall short. This form of expression allows me to share the depths of my inner world in ways that are both unfiltered and striking. My creations are more than personal reflections; they embody the broader human experience, each piece narrating a story that captures a moment, a sentiment, or an encounter that resonates on both personal and universal levels.

As an artist, my aim is to engage my audience, to resonate with them emotionally and forge a connection that transcends verbal communication. Through my paintings, I strive to stir feelings and stimulate contemplation, challenging viewers to delve deeper into the artwork and appreciate the intricacies of human emotion and experience.

My art serves as a channel for dialogue and understanding. It is not merely a tool for self-expression but also a means of sharing my narrative with the world, allowing me to be seen, heard, and understood.

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