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Saarbrücken, Germany


As a child she dreamed of studying at an art school, but only at the age of 36 she returned to her dream and started her artistic way.

She has been a member of the International Association of Artists ASM-Club since 2023. In 2022, she started creating paintings using mixed techniques: fluid art, painting, gilding, simple embroidery, and clay elements. In 2018, she began her journey as a Mahashki artist, choosing to work with hairbrushes on which she realizes artistic visions. Between
2016 and 2018, she took private lessons in painting and drawing with Evgeni Hartwahn (Saarbrücken).

Exhibitions, achievements:
• April 2024. Exhibition "A little sunshine in cold water", Paulo De Brito Gallery, Germany.
• March 2024. 2nd place in the nomination "Female Image and Storytelling" in the international exhibition-competition "Female Image", Eurasian Art Union, Moscow (absentee participation).
• March 2024. Exhibition project "She". Main inspirer and organizer, Saarbrücken, Germany.
• January 2024. FAAR 2024 - International art exhibition in Metz, France.
• November 2023. Online participation in the exhibition "Favorite Pets", Oleg Gorbushin Studio, Moscow.
• October 2023. Online participation in the exhibition "Reborn", Paulo De Brito Gallery, Germany.
• December 2022. Certificate of artistic merit from the Luxembourg Art Prize 2022 (Luxembourg Art Prize 2022).

NFMahashki uses mixed techniques. She mainly works with acrylics, self-hardening clay, and volume contours and uses gilding with sheet metal and transfer gilding. The most common techniques today are fluid art, doodle art, and intuitive painting.

In addition to hairbrush art, she paints abstract-style paintings and stylized portraits.


I'm a Mahashki Artist.
I gift emotions that you can hold in your hands.

Mahashki is an art on hair brushes.
The hair brushes are my canvases. And the canvases are my emotional world.

Through my art, I have learned to feel the world and myself.
I offer feelings and emotions to everyone who sees my work.
IG: @mahashki

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