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Saskatoon, SK, Canada


Nicki Ault is a contemporary Canadian artist who has always loved art and began to pursue painting as a profession when her youngest of two sons started Grade One in 2010. Her creative freedom increased with each year, and she now works fulltime in her newly established private studio in Saskatoon.

Nicki has an intense love for the boreal forest, northern lakes, big skies and wild grasslands of Saskatchewan. It’s in these places she finds endless inspiration for her paintings. Nicki considers herself to be a lifelong student of art, always determined to learn, grow and keep moving forward. Over the last ten years Nicki has been diligently building her skills in drawing, colour theory and oil painting and, although largely self-taught, she has gained invaluable knowledge through workshops taught by excellent instructors. She continually challenges herself to convey the nuances of light in her landscapes and always seeks to infuse love and emotion into each brushstroke.

In 2019 a feature was written on Nicki’s work in Canada’s Galleries West magazine and in 2020 she was named a SaskGalleries “Artist to Watch”. She is represented by three well-established Canadian galleries (Regina, Calgary, Winnipeg) and, in the summer season, shows her work in Waskesiu, P.A. National Park.

She is proud to maintain a dedicated art practice and build a growing art career, believing it’s important for her boys to witness this "better-late-than-never" pursuit. Nicki hopes they will learn valuable life lessons in perseverance, setting goals, working hard, facing fears and never giving up. Most importantly, that they will be inspired to chase their own dreams.


Landscapes untouched by human presence, but which deeply touch the human experience are what fuel my art practice. Recording on my canvases the moments from the natural world that cause us to stop in our tracks, to stare in wonder, to gasp in awe, to feel love, that is my ultimate goal.

Although I aim to be representational, precise realism is not my intent, but rather to create a collection of marks that express how I see and feel the subject in that moment. I am increasingly interested in patterns, rhythm and light and I whole-heartedly embrace colour as a source of joy. These things come together to infuse energy and movement into what could otherwise be a static landscape vision. I want the viewer to stand close, explore the brushstrokes, then step away to see the work as a whole. My hope is that my paintings will feel intimate and familiar by tapping into a private memory that will connect the viewer to the image, to our powerful Canadian environment, and to me.


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