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Los Angeles, CA, USA


Palmer Earl (born 1979, New York City) is a painter who lives and works in Los Angeles. She received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts. Her subject matter mines the ancient origins of modern-day patriarchy, drawing on her own experience as a woman of today. She has exhibited in New York and Los Angeles, including the Museum of Art and History: Cedar in Lancaster, Torrance Art Museum, Melissa Morgan Fine Art in Palm Desert, Shockboxx Gallery in Hermosa Beach and Ceres Gallery in New York. Her work has been reviewed in LA Weekly, and she had two solo exhibits this past year at Gallery 825 and at Moorpark College Art Gallery. Palmer is a member of Women Painter’s West and the Los Angeles Art Association.


I have been drawn to Medieval illuminated manuscripts since I first saw them in Florence, Italy, years ago. Like the originals, I use saturated colors, floral motifs, and flashes of gold in my images. It is the content that is quite different.

I imagine what medieval manuscript paintings would have looked like if the Western world had continued to worship male and female Gods instead of adopting the purely male-dominated Abrahamic religions. I am inspired by ancient artifacts, religions and texts that point to a time when women were equally respected and admired for their unique contributions to the world. My images are celebrations of feminine power and beauty and a reminder to all that women are not meant to be lower than men.

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