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Los Angeles, CA, USA


Patrizia Martiradonna is an Italian artist from Rome who is now based in California. After moving to Los Angeles in 1992, Patrizia studied fine arts in college and then went on the road. She travelled cross-country making American landscape photography, captured by the contrast between the overpowering, silent expanses of the West and the day-to-day busy mapping of small-time human existence.

Once putting her focus on the blank canvas, Patrizia found the appeal of the abstract irresistible in painting what realism could only document. Her narrative turned away from familiar forms to the interior, a shapeless search for unfamiliar emotional, quiet meaning.

Like a child suddenly in the center of a medieval cloister gone Sci-Fi, Patrizia plays with timeless and unique tones rather than representing the defined or the decodable. Her work, which invites extended viewing, paints shape-shifting spirit with signature color palettes.

Patrizia’s work has been used by production designers in well-known Hollywood film productions and is widely collected. In gallery exhibits, her style is even more effective when displayed as a series of images that echo humbly as a peaceful meditation, like individual still frames from a forgotten screen of the unconscious.

These days she works out of her studio in Marina del Rey, CA.


My painting is best defined by the painting process itself.

I look for a single fixed moment in time in which primary, natural elements transform themselves into substance and form.

I venture with the becoming image, magically, as the paint spreads, until a different organic matter, a visual atmosphere is created. From the solitary surface of the canvas, life has somehow reappeared. Brushstrokes, in space, line and texture, tell the story of an unlikely narrator, exuberant by nature, in my unpredictable universe.

The images I make are not intentional symbols nor representations of a known physical world.

They reveal subconscious reflections in flux: a constant personal exploration of a new layers of emotional aesthetics and cognitive relations.

It is my desire to employ different materials, scale and processes in my work and are the evidence of an artist always taking risks searching for that connection, that one "true" moment between myself, subject and you the viewer.
IG: @martiradonna_abstract

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