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Frankfurt, Germany


My work revolves around visions, ideas and emotions in past and presence in a figurative-abstract way. I search for freedom, lightness, liveliness and intensity. My studio is a space of experiment, pleasure, frustration and new beginnings. I love to listen to music to come to that moment where intuition and creative process can start to flow.

The beauty of paintings and the emotional reaction it can cause and caused in me inspired me to become an artist. It inspires me to make an unseen world visible, to bring magic and unseen secrets into our world. It inspires me to make people question their view of the world and to give a voice to visual articulation that has not been existent until now.

I am an artists at the borderline of figurative and abstract art. This gives me the freedom to invent and put together recognisable and unrecognisable forms and shapes. My main subject have been humans as well as landscapes turning into humans or vice versa.

My view is a fragmented view, I take up aspects of a human being and place them into an environment which can be its inner world our outside visions or real outside. In my work I try to react to my inspiration, let it flow into my work without being censored by my ratio. I go on until the flow stops and then let my work rest. It is often only afterwards that with my intellect I can understand what I did.


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