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Saskatoon, SK, Canada


Roberta is a prairie girl who loves the understated beauty and big open skies of Saskatchewan, Canada, where she lives with her husband and three children. Following a career in Physical Therapy she transitioned to working from home as a mom and artist where she paints from her sunlit studio (aka the kitchen table). Roberta paints organic, abstract landscapes that reflect the rustic simplicity of the prairies and create a sense of calm.


"I like to paint the “feeling” of a place rather than the details and often reference memories of sounds, scents and emotions when I am painting. My art tends to be quite simple compositionally, allowing the viewer to fill in their own story and connect to emotions and memories of the places that hold meaning for them.

My art explores the connection we feel to land and the places that hold our history and our hearts. The places that make us feel "at home". The quiet, stillness & subtle beauty of my prairie home is reflected in my use of soft, tonal colour palettes, horizontal lines, light and lots of texture. I also often incorporate soil from the places I am painting into my work. "

IG: @robertahoiness

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