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Tampa, FL, USA


Introducing Roshni Patel, a versatile visual artist originally from Southern California, now residing in Tampa, Florida. Her artistic fusion blends analog techniques with digital technology, creating visually captivating and emotionally resonant art. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Roshni brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences from her background as a pediatric occupational therapist, integrating her expertise to offer holistic guidance for the art of living while also bridging the realms of arts, sciences, technology, and innovation. Drawing inspirations from dance and fitness, Roshni infuses her art and therapy with the vitality of movement, a nod to the pivotal roles they both played in her personal healing journey. Committed to the Indian principle of ahimsa, or non-violence, her work reflects a dedication to nurturing compassion and healing on a global scale. Roshni's artistic talents have not gone unnoticed. She has earned acclaim from local art exhibits and esteemed publications, including Women United Art Movement, Art Seen, UPPERCASE, All SHE Makes, and Create! magazines, with Pentel Arts also shining a digital integration spotlight on her work. Her artistic journey is not just an external exploration; it serves as a vessel for self-realization rooted in personal struggles and loss. Roshni believes in the transformative power of creativity as a conduit for experiencing, processing, healing, and evolving in the art of living. Her mission extends beyond her own expression, aiming to empower others to reconnect more strongly with their inner light. In her multifaceted roles as an artist, occupational therapist, and through spiritual practice, Roshni authentically embodies a unique self-expression while simultaneously sowing seeds of positivity and personal growth. Her radiant mission is clear: she seeks to radiate her light while also illuminating the path for others, one artwork and one soul at a time.


As an occupational therapist by training and an artist by inclination, I've uncovered the profound potential in harnessing our innate artistic energies for healing and empowerment. My creative journey serves as a guiding light through the landscapes of past wounds, personal losses, spiritual insights, and the rekindling of inner shakti. Being a first-generation woman of color, I've encountered the weight of cultural and societal expectations that often impose predefined molds. Navigating the intricacies of generational gaps and a mosaic of cultural influences from Black, Latin, and South Asian backgrounds added depth to this identity labyrinth. The pandemic offered a rare pause to confront latent traumas and grief, leading to paths of self-discovery and re-emergence. This healing journey has involved mending the scars of distant cultures and sisterhood, exploring the profound depths of loss, life, and the soul, and reigniting my inner shakti - power - through the act of creation. My artistic expressions draw inspiration from a diverse array of sources, including personal experiences, keen observations, self-captured photographs, and dedicated research. They evolve into analog sketches to intricately layered digital drafts before materializing as mixed media on canvases. Fine lines, echoing the intricacy of South Asian art forms, dance across my work. Hues of blue, green, pink, and yellow evoke serenity, vitality, femininity, and light while deeper hues symbolize hidden depths of unseen and infinite brilliance. You'll also uncover recurring symbols, hidden treasures of Gujarati script, and elements of nature, all reflecting my soulful identity. In harmony with the practice of ahimsa, the Indian principle of non-violence, and by channeling my artistic voice, I create to nurture inner acceptance and ignite a revolution. My mission is to inspire and empower all souls to embrace their inner fire, cultivate resilience, boldly flourish, and thrive within their unique and magical radiance.

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