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I am an Iranian artist born in Tehran. I’ve always had social and civic concerns in my works and mostly about women. I was a resident artist in 2010 in Spain, Albacete and have had several group and individual exhibitions in Iran and other countries. My last exhibition was in Iranian Artists’ forum of Tehran and then e1Gallery in Tehran in September 2022. Recently I’m working on a comic strips book about social and nightlife in Tehran and new series.


The main idea was to use the old comic strips frame work as a whole drawing; where every frame is a work of art without a story and is related to the other ones just through the visual connection and not by a story. So the audience can build her/his story of it for her/himself. The atmosphere was about night life in Tehran and the hidden things that happens despite the limitations we have. Woman life freedom statement: Two works are chosen from this series of work; which is related to recent social and political changes happening in Iran. In fact, women’s figure appeared about a year ago in my works and then when the woman life freedom happened in September in Iran, I go back to my works and that was really meaningful for me. It seemed like even before that movement something was happening in us, without knowing.
IG: @sanaz_haeri

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