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Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA


Sarah Fishbein is a contemporary mosaic artist based in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. For over 20 years, Fishbein has been a force of innovation in the world of visual imagery. Her journey began with traditional forms of photography and video production, but in recent years, her craft has undergone a remarkable evolution. Sarah has found her voice in the realm of Pop Art Mosaics, blending her respect for pop art with the romance comics and characters of the 1950s and 60s, creating a vibrant, modern pop culture in glass. Her unique approach isn't just about aesthetics. Fishbein has pioneered a fusion of stained glass and mosaic techniques, crafting pieces that are as technically profound as they are visually captivating. While her works draw from the past, they resonate with contemporary themes—feminism, empowerment, sexuality, and the intricacies of today's relationships. More than just an artist, Fishbein is a storyteller. Her mosaics, rich with history and current narratives, invite viewers on a journey through time. With two decades of experience and an ever-evolving style, Fishbein continues to shape and redefine the mosaic landscape.


My artistic journey is encapsulated in the vibrant and expressive medium of pop art glass mosaics. Inspired by the dynamic world of 1950s and '60s comic books, my work is a homage to the era's distinct aesthetic and its powerful narrative style. What captivates me most about this genre is the over-exaggeration of emotions, which I bring to life through the intricate medium of glass. In each piece, I strive to focus on themes that resonate deeply with me - relationships, women's empowerment, LGBTQ acceptance, and the spectrum of everyday emotions. My art is not just a visual experience; it's a conversation about the diverse experiences and struggles we face in life. I choose glass as my medium for its vivid colors, tactile nature, and longevity. The interplay of light and glass is a crucial element of my work. I carefully select pieces of glass that interact with light in a way that allows my mosaics to evolve throughout the day, offering an ever-changing perspective and a new experience with each glance. My creations are more than just representations; they are stories told through shards of glass, each piece a narrative of emotion, a testament to resilience, and a celebration of diversity. Through my art, I hope to spark conversations, evoke emotions, and inspire a deeper understanding and acceptance of the beautiful tapestry of human experience.

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