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London, UK


Sarah Lim-Murray is a London-based oil painter with a diverse background in various art forms. She received a diploma in Art and Design from her home country of Singapore before moving to London to obtain a BA(Hons) from Central St Martins - University of The Arts London.

Sarah has received training in drawing, design, embroidery, painting, sculpture, and stain glass. Her favourite medium is oil, which she uses to create contemporary pieces with classic oil painting techniques.

Sarah draws her inspiration from observing life and exploring different concepts and current topics. Her body of work ranges from traditional realistic portraits to contemporary landscapes, as well as topical themes in graphic style. Her art range is influenced by the diversity of her passions, which includes her experience as a classical chorister in the national ensemble of Singapore and her time as a manager of a Hip Hop dance company in London. These experiences influence the conceptual approach in her art, which often features a strong female presence to engage her audiences.

Sarah's artwork has been exhibited in various art fairs and galleries in London, Milan, Monaco, Venice, and Singapore. Her unique style and diverse body of work have earned her a growing reputation in the art world, and she continues to create artwork that inspires and resonates with her audiences.


Sarah is an artist who is passionate about bringing stories and emotions to life on canvas. Her body of work reflects her deep connection to the world around her and her ability to capture a moment or feeling that resonates with her audience. Drawing inspiration from everyday life and exploring concepts or current topics, she creates a diverse range of artwork that includes traditional realistic portraits, contemporary landscapes, and topical themes in graphic style.

Sarah's wide range of passions, from classical music to hip-hop dance, influences her conceptual approach to art. She strives to create a spectrum of styles that often feature a strong female presence, engaging her audience with a unique perspective on the world.

Oil paint is Sarah's main medium of choice. Its vibrancy and viscosity bring the subject matter to life, creating a tangible presence on the canvas. When travelling, Sarah also enjoys drawing in ink/pen and pencils, allowing her to capture the fantastical worlds of her imagination in a matter of minutes.

Sarah's art is a testament to her ability to communicate complex emotions and ideas in a visual form. Her work is a reflection of her experiences and observations, creating a unique perspective on the world that resonates with her audience.

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