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London, UK


I am an emerging artist based in Greater London. My biggest inspiration is my children, seeing the world through their eyes and wanting to show them the world through mine.

I enjoy using different mediums and exploring journaling, challenges, collaborations or creating a fully finished piece. I love developing my style and just having fun with it.

The themes I go for are subjects that are resonating with me at that moment. I’m currently working on an art journal documenting COVID experiences that will be submitted to the Brooklyn Library. There are so many different subjects I want to explore especially history and mythology. Part of the process will be researching these subjects.

I’m at a point now where I want to develop myself further and get more involved in the art world and to put myself out there.

For me to be an artist, I need to be truthful, and this is my truth. From the second you start on your journey to motherhood, it’s amazing. You experience love in a whole new way and on a level you never thought possible. You are willing to sacrifice and expect this as part of the journey.

But I also lost my voice and myself. From the second I became pregnant, I was treated like a was a teenage mum despite being married and 33 years old, and had planned a baby for a long time. I was even given the advice, after being questioned about whether or not my husband and I had planned the pregnancy, that babies cried and when I explained that I realised that I wasn’t having a magical child, that this wasn’t the response I should have given.

As the years went by, I learned to bite my tongue, so much in fact that I’m surprised I didn’t bite it off! So, all unsolicited advice I nodded along, agreed to follow, and at times, felt forced to go against my instinct. I learned to play polite playground games and pick my fights.

But at the same time, not only did I lose my voice, I devalued myself. But 2020 was my year, my children had got older, and I was ready to start developing myself for the next stage of my life - where I was to be more than just a mum.

2020 had other plans in mind though - lockdown, shielding and doing everything I could to support my children’s emotional well being.

Then it happened along with the art. One day when I was kicked over and over again by BLM supporters (funny story it was white women saying that they felt that myself, a black woman, was censoring their voices on this topic), I was devastated.

The next day I woke up angry, how utterly ridiculous that I had allowed this situation to happen! To let my voice on this subject be devalued, oppressed and ignored. I wanted to have my day and not to be ignored. I picked up my paintbrush and didn’t stop working until I had expressed everything that was on my mind. It’s not a masterpiece, it’s actually very amateur. But I produced something I’m very proud of.

Since then, I have continued this art journey, and it’s been incredible. I have met amazing people from different backgrounds and learned a lot, not just about art, but about myself. I have learned that there is beauty in imperfection, as well as to embrace my flaws through my art.

My voice has a value whether I’m drawing a simple flower or being deep and meaningful. I will never lose myself or my voice again, art is the best therapy, and I’m excited to be on this journey and see where it takes me.

IG: @imperfect_art_journal

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