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United Kingdom


I am a loving and proud mother!

I’m an artist. Entrepreneur. My career as a full-time artist began after a long stint in the corporate world, driven by a need for creativity, balance and harmony. Expressing myself through fine art became a natural pursuit and a way of life. I eagerly devoted myself to rediscovering and refining my technique. My travels around the world enriched my artistic expression with influences from various styles, cultures and time periods.

Art is my voice. You are my mic. I found my voice through painting when my drive and creativity were muted by a life-threatening diagnosis. Holding a brush, I learned to channel ma fear, anger and anxiety, and to transform them into colour and light.


When painting, I establish a visual language of colour and light. For me, art has always been a means of creating and experiencing a liberated kind of beauty.

Through my art, I strive to build a rapport with the viewer. I delight in drawing people in and creating a shared experience of emotional energy and insight. My early works were dark, richly saturated, with palette knife layers reaching out towards the observer. As I trained my hand and eye, my focus shifted. I now strive to capture the fleeting colours of light as it transforms figures and objects. My works have a starting point of realism, but they invite the viewer into an ethereal, elusive semi-reality built from delicate nuances or bold highlights. The perspective shifts with everything that inspires me: a conversation, an interesting story, a piece of music, an emotion. My work reflects my temperament and my disposition to find and create beauty.


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