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Herne, Germany


Sophia Kühn is a self-taught landscape painter and digital artist from Herne (Germany) and Biscarrosse (France), born in Pyskowice (Poland). She studied economics and trained as a multimedia designer. Sophia has been self-employed as a web designer since 2001 and has worked as a freelance artist since 2020.

Prizes / awards / publications:
"Red Love" Winner of Landscape 2023 juried exhibition UPWARD Gallery - Interview
"Wings Of Warning" - permanently at the Museum Chiapas de Ciencia y Tecnología Mexico

Many of Sophia's works (on canvas and as NFTs) are in private collections. The Museum of Digital Art - MoDA
Cozomo de' Medici #ArtTank

She has exhibited in solo exhibitions in Germany and France, and group exhibitions in Germany, Mexico, Japan, USA, Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal.


In my works, I immerse myself in the infinite expanses of the sky and the sea, explore the boundaries between reality and abstraction and let my intuition guide me. My art is a journey through semi-abstract landscapes in which the interplay of light and shadow, shapes and colours unfolds.

By using acrylic paints on canvas and creating digital artworks (NFT), I create my own world in which emotions find expression in a variety of ways. Every brushstroke, every line and every hue helps to create an atmosphere that invites the viewer to immerse themselves in my world and discover their own emotions within it.

My art is more than just a visual experience - it is a journey of the soul, a way of exploring and expressing feelings and moods. It invites you to lose yourself and find yourself, at the same time, in a landscape that is as fascinating as it is calming. Welcome to my world of intuitive semi-abstract landscapes, where the sky and the sea merge into infinite horizons, and emotions can flow freely.

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