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London, UK


Tanja Hassel, a passionate and innovative painter, breathes life into canvases through a symphony of colours, driven by an insatiable curiosity for the world. Her primary goal is to bring joy and happiness into people's lives, brightening the world and making it a more enjoyable place. With each stroke of the brush, Tanja invites viewers into a world where emotions are translated into hues, turning the canvas into a vibrant playground for the imagination. For over a decade, Tanja has been on a full-time artist's journey, successfully selling numerous artworks and commissions to delighted patrons worldwide. Her dynamic creations, aptly named "Happiness Anchors," burst forth with a riot of lively colours and energy that continues to captivate audiences across generations. Tanja's vibrant paintings have the magical ability to uplift any space, bringing pleasure and delight into homes and offices. Tanja found the freedom to paint in her unique style through rigorous studies of classical drawing and oil painting techniques, which saw her study in private with a master painter, attend atelier school and paint inside London's National Gallery. Tanja has taken part in exhibitions all over London, as well as in other parts of the UK, the US and Australia.


My mission is to bring more happiness into people's lives through my art, one brighter home or office at a time. My paintings, or Happiness Anchors, make people smile and allow them to feel calm no matter what else is going on. The light-hearted artworks are easy to digest and support viewers' mental health by giving them a break from overthinking and worrying. Creating my art brings me so much joy that I wish to pass on to the viewer! From Brazil to China, Australia to Europe and North America, my paintings have travelled to homes all over the globe, spreading a happiness revolution everywhere they go. My biggest hobby is hiking, and I always take her supplies along with me. I have painted in cafes and parks but also on trains all over Europe, on planes, trams, buses and even the London Underground. I also paint live at exhibitions, which is a great way to connect to visitors.

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