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Saugerties, NY, USA


Tara Bach is a fluid abstract artist from Saugerties, NY. She has been painting professionally since 2015 and has exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions in New York. Her work has also been featured by Obscured Art and New School Magazine, among other publications.

Tara finds beauty and joy in the freedom of her abstract painting process, which involves pouring acrylic with other mixed media to achieve her desired color palette and design in each composition.
This particular method allows her to dabble in the unknown in that she is often playing with balancing elements of spontaneity and control. In her artworks, color and movement take over the canvas. She creates luminous, enchanting worlds that transport the viewer to a new place and invite them to appreciate her unique perspective of the natural world.

She finds her inspiration in nature and the universe. Whether it is the calm and peaceful essence of the ever-changing tide, the power of a vigorous storm, or the wonders of galaxies unknown, the changing elements resonate with her and remind her of life and its uncertainties. Much like the law of attraction, Tara shifts positive energy into her work, triggering a change in the surrounding environment and in this process, can attract improvements in health, wealth and personal relationships for those who view and surround themselves with her art.

IG: @bach.tara

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