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Houston, TX, USA


Tiffany Heng Hui Lee is a visual artist specializing in abstract, mixed media collages and paintings. At the impressionable age of eighteen, she immigrated to the United States from Taipei, Taiwan. As a student at the University of Houston, she was mentored by her painting professor Richard Stout who pushed her to accept nothing less than excellence in her work. As a graduate student, she was a teaching assistant which allowed her to inspire and encourage others to incorporate her requirement for intimate detail into their work.

While obtaining her bachelors of Fine arts and Master of Fine Arts from the University of Houston, with an emphasis on interior design/environmental design, she first began creating and expanding her use of paper collages, sculptures and jewelry. Her studio and home are located in Sugar Land, Texas. As a registered interior designer/artist she uses her innate recognition of color and shapes learned from her Asian culture to create tranquil and soothing interiors and artwork. Tiffany’s work demonstrates exceptional restraint, using simple, geometric forms to create complex, abstract images of natural landscapes. The use of mixed media, including paper, metal and wood, enhances her work, generating a message of peace and harmony within.

During 2019-2020 Tiffany’s paper collage was included in a juried exhibition (Lines, Shapes & Objects) sponsored by Fusion Art. In addition, her artwork was also accepted in the “Show Your Paper” exhibition, juried by Kathryn Markel, at the Women Made Gallery in Chicago. She also received the grand prize from Artrepreneur Open Call ”Landscape: Louis Rule”. Furthermore, Tiffany’s artwork was selected for the Juried Art Exhibition “Art Matters” by Galerie Biesenbach- Cologne, Germany. Several of her collages were also published in the First issue of Ever-Emerging Magazine (Netherlands) and The Huts Magazine.


As a visual artist and licensed interior designer, Tiffany Heng Hui Lee uses her knowledge of lines, shapes, colors, textures, and materials to create abstract mixed-media collages, paintings, jewelry, and sculptures. Lines, shapes and colors capture segments of the natural landscape. They express movement and energy, reflecting the changing, unstable characteristics of nature, as well as the fragmentation and uncertainty of life. Abstract creations allow the viewer to interpret each piece based on their personal experiences and preferences. Layers mimic the order found in nature that must be present for balance and harmony to exist. The layering of materials provides depth to each piece. Tiffany’s architectural background allows her to use repetitive lines to create abstract compositions. The use of intimate detail enhances her work by luring the viewer ever closer to discover things not visible from afar.

IG: @tiffanylee944

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