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Falls Church, VA, USA


Victoria Lakes is an artist originally from Manila, Philippines, where she studied fine arts. She's lived in the United States since 1985. Currently, she's based in Falls Church, VA, working primarily in acrylic and oil but using other mediums as well. Her background includes work in graphic design and production while employed in Washington, DC. She has participated in various juried and other art exhibitions in the United States, and her work is included in two online art galleries, Singulart and Fine Art America.


Painting has been one of the greatest joys in my life. My work is eclectic, and I have not limited myself to a particular theme or genre. I love the idea of discovering ways to express myself through art. In the past, I painted more traditional artwork, but now I’m more drawn to modern, abstract and minimalist styles. Throughout my artistic career, I have painted in oil and acrylic, but I also find joy in using other mediums, such as watercolor, gouache and pen and ink. When I create, I like my art to have a certain uniqueness and an eclectic mix with a view toward evoking a sense of wonder. Working with a modernist abstract style, I love using bright, vivid colors or monochromatic colors, depending on the mood I’m trying to project. Childhood memories, travel, people, animals, and nature have inspired me to keep on creating art.

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