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I have been experimenting with drawing and painting since I was a kid, watching my grand father, an oil painter artist, work in his home studio.

Later, I began playing with watercolors and sketching my life.

When my twins were born, it helped me go through the difficulties of motherhood, creating a personal time around art.

It soon grew into a fantastic passion.

I have always been a dreamer.
As an artist, I wish to recreate this dreamworld and share it with people.

As a mother, it helps me connect to the childhood fantasies. My abstract works are a vision of our world seen through children eyes, with a magical touch.

As Tinkerbell tells Peter: "That place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming"

This is the place I want to take you to.

As a mother, I have always felt busy. I had so many difficulties to overcome before being able to give life to my awesome boys, that they were my utmost priority as soon as they were born, very prematurely.

Life with children, and even more with tiny twins, can be exhausting to a point I did not imagine.
Making art made me feel alive again. I soon realised motherhood had also changed me for the good. I was now seeing the world differently. Everything felt more precious.

I have always loved legends and stories, keeping a part of childhood in my heart. I hope that I can transmit this feeling of magic and beauty that I see in the world to my children, and to people who come to enjoy my works too.


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