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New York, NY, USA


Zhao Yuhuan, born in 2004, is currently pursuing dual majors in Art History (with Visual Arts concentration) and Political Economy at Barnard College of Columbia University. Her artistic practice integrates painting, installations, and new media to explore diverse methods of artistic expression. Zhao's work predominantly addresses issues related to women and East Asian culture, drawing on her personal experiences to highlight the challenges faced by women. Her academic and artistic journey includes an exchange program at Peking University in 2024, and her works have been recognized and featured in various global contexts, including an inclusion in QueerCode Magazine by the University of Edinburgh in 2024. Zhao's commitment to exploring the intersections of art, culture, and socio-economic dynamics has been showcased in her exhibitions.

B.A. Columbia University, Barnard College
Political Economics and Art History
2024 Peking University Exchange Program

2024 QueerCode Magzine, The University of Edinburgh
2022 EACE Global Art Creation Award
2021 CIE Los Angeles Chinese film festival Best Short film Script, Summer's Wave Goodbye, Starring 2021 YOC American Youth Observation Competition Excellence Award

2023 Shanghai, See Her Female Artists Group Exhibition
2023 Fuzhou, Cultural and Art Center Li Xiaofan's Troubles 2023 Wenzhou City Longxi Art Museum Xin Sheng
2023 Chengdu Third Street Art Museum Dynamite Youth Artists Group Exhibition

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