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Birmingham, UK


Contemporary jewellery artist Zhixuan Ye's work is inspired by social phenomena, often revolving around themes of irony and critique. She offers a unique perspective on the world, using art as a means to express her thoughts and viewpoints on society. With a focus on exploring the infinite possibilities between materials and mediums to interpret various themes, she seamlessly integrates them into her creations. Through multiple forms of interaction between her work and the audience, she crafts captivating artistic experiences.

Zhixuan Ye's pieces have been exhibited in the UK, China, Italy, and other locations, and she remains actively engaged in her practice.


I am a contemporary jewellery artist with a keen interest in conveying my unique perspective on various social phenomena through my jewellery pieces. This series encompasses lipsticks, crowns, female symbols, and explores the contrasts between illusion and reality.

In one of my videos, I document the destruction of elaborate lipstick crowns, aiming to expose the illusions perpetuated by consumerism. This prompts me to question the marketing strategies surrounding female empowerment in the makeup industry. I extract lipstick, a product often used to define women, and repurpose it into a material for my empowering pieces. I believe that lipstick should not dictate a woman's identity; instead, women should reclaim the power to define themselves.

Amidst the chaotic vandalism, I earnestly proclaim, 'Welcome to the real world!' I highlight the necessity for women to pursue genuine rights rather than relying on false empowerment through makeup.

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