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Horsham, West Sussex, UK


Lize Krüger was born and educated in South Africa, where she obtained a BA degree in Fine Art. As a third and fourth year student, she won the Gregoire Boonzaaier Prize for her major subject, painting.

She had numerous Solo Exhibitions and took part in various Group Exhibitions. She also taught art classes at a facility for under 18 rape victims and at a facility for quadriplegic patients.

In 2014, she relocated to the UK where she now lives and work in the countryside of West Sussex
During 2020 and 2021 she participated in various online exhibitions and partakes in numerous International art fairs and will have a solo exhibition in Lisbon during Dec 2021.

She was also chosen as one of the VAA’s Curators Choice artists during their Spring 2021 Exhibition


People, their emotions and thought processes constantly intrigue me. By taking on the observer's position, I manage to appreciate their circumstances and struggles. This way I am able to see them in their unique context.

It’s essential to me to seek and discover meaning and beauty in the most painful situations and darkest nights of our earthly existence. Current issues of the day, addressing injustice, creating awareness about
certain aspects of life, for instance, mental health, abuse, fear, angst, loss and grief, are all themes that I aim to convey in my work. I feel passionate about the global refugee crisis, the increasing suicide rate, growing intolerance and the threat of the global rising of fascism.

In short, mainly about the human condition, regardless of age, race, culture, or religion. I need to give it an image, make it concrete. It can be seen as gloomy topics or themes by the general public. To me however, all these aspects are part of Life. I aim to turn unspeakable and unapproachable topics into Life-and Love-affirming works.

In order to do that, I need to dig deep into my own psyche, confront my own fears and hopes, and work through them in order to tackle these themes with integrity and authenticity.

IG: @lizekrugerfineart

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